Client Software Install

In order to backup your server's file system or application (*), such as database, the NetBackup client software must be installed and configured.  Once the backup server is configured, backups will start.  

NetBackup supports "clients" on various hardware and operating systems.  Consult the "OS Compatibility" attachment below to see if your server (NetBackup client) is supported.

Sometimes, the NetBackup client software will vary depending on a number of factors. 

For purposes of clarity, let's split the possibilities into two classes.  Please proceed with the class of client of interest to you:
NetBackup uses application agents to directly backup and restore applications such as an Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle database, etc.  Please know that backups of such applications simply by backing up their files (while the application is running) will invariably lead to application problems or complete failure when its files are restored.   We have points to make with this note:
  • Save the University money by excluding the files of applications that cannot be backed up directly
  • Agent software such as "NetBackup for Oracle" and "NetBackup for Exchange Server" will incur a separate, additional charge due to charges to UMS-ITS from the vendor.
  • While the agents are excellent, you might consider backing up your application to local disk using an application utility and then having NetBackup "backup the backup".  As with all backups, be aware, plan and practice the backups and restores to be sure you have protected your resources as you require.
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Wayne Smith,
May 19, 2010, 8:22 AM