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Multi-layered Energy Resources Infrastructures and Technologies

Daniel M. Martínez, Ph.D.
Department of Environmental Science
College of Science, Technology, and Health
University of Southern Maine
TEL: (207) 780 5444 - EMAIL: daniel.m.martinez@maine.edu

MERIT stand for Multi-layered Energy Resources, Infrastructures, and Technologies. The concept stems from the reality that there never has been, nor will there ever likely to be one “magic bullet” to meet a society’s energy needs. Instead societies have endured evolving energy mixes that have been rooted in the resources available at the time, the infrastructures built based on the abundance of these resources, and the technologies created to harness and utilize them for economic benefit and most recently to reduce negative environmental impact. A feature of MERIT is that it can be used to view energy problems at the macro, global level or it can be focused in on micro, regional levels.

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