Welcome to the site of the Maine Science OER Project!
  • Please join our community by aligning and adding your own Open Educational Resources (OERs) to the collection.
Included on this site are: 
Resources were aligned to Maine Science Learning Results using a rigorous alignment process  that has Science Curriculum Topic Study (CTS) at its foundation.  
  • A list of Science Repositories  (web-based collections) of resources that are most likely to lead you to quality materials for your classroom (See sidebar section called "Repositories and Science Sites"). 
  • Alignment process that you can use to determine the degree to which any new online science resources that you find are aligned with the MLRs. (See sidebar section called "Tools"). 
  • Additional resources
    • Readings about OERs (Open Educational Resources) 
    • Continuum called "SAMR" describing OERs  
    • National science documents (descriptions and links)
    • Sidebar links below each Science Standard are the numbered  Performance Indicators.
    • The page that you reach if you click on a link has the Descriptors (bullets). 
    • Each descriptor listing includes the CTS study guide page (Science Curriculum Topic Study) for that descriptor.  The CTS  study guide will provide you with the appropriate readings in national standards documents to clarify the "pedagogical content knowledge" behind that descriptor. 

The Open Educational Resources (OER) grants in Science, English Language Arts and Social Studies are administered by the Maine Content Literacy Network and are funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act).
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