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CHY 374: Thermodynamics Laboratory

Course location/time
    TR 3-5 or so, with prelab in Sci 362 and lab in 352
Experiments in Physical Chemistry
    Authors: Garland, Shoemaker and Nibbler
        Any reasonably recent edition will be fine.
List of Experiments

Course Description
This laboratory course illustrates concepts covered in CHY 373, Chemical Thermodynamics.

Course Objectives
At the end of this course, you should be able to
  • Evaluate and discuss experimental uncertainty.
  • Create publication-quality lab reports.
  • Review work submitted by your peers.
  • Design experiments.
  • Understand the chemistry behind the experiments you perform.
Course Materials
The text is Garland, Shoemaker and Nibbler's Experiments in Physical Chemistry. You should obtain a reasonably recent edition.

Meetings and Announcements
Check the USM storm line for any cancellations. Otherwise, any changes to the schedule, syllabus, etc. will be announced in class. You are responsible for all such announcements, whether you attended class or not.

Lab notebook(30%):
You are expected to keep an accurate, permanent record of your work.

Performance and Attitude (40%):
You are expected to come to class prepared to carry out the scheduled experiment, as evidenced by your lab notebook. Once in lab, I expect you to be focused and engaged.
Lab reports (25+5%):
Lab reports are due one week after the completion of each experiment. Guidelines for lab reports will be made available at the beginning of the course. These lab reports make up 15% of your course grade. You will also review a lab report from your peers, and the quality of your review will determine another portion (5%) of your grade.
Missing one lab will drop your course grade by a minor interval (B+ to B, for example).
Missing another lab will drop your course grade by another full grade.
Missing a third lab will set you back a year in your pursuit of a chemistry degree.
There is no schedule. Due to space and equipment limitations, there may be several different experiments running concurrently. I will provide a list of suggested experiments (check the Experiments link), but you are encouraged to come up with other ideas.

Students with disabilities
If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, please inform me during the first week of the semester, after consulting with the Office of Academic Support for Students with Disabilities, 237 Luther Bonney, 780-4706. For problems with writing or study skills, make an appointment with the Learning Center, 253 Luther Bonney, 780-4228, or the Counseling Center, 106 Payson Smith, 780-4050.

Academic Integrity
All students are expected to follow the academic integrity policies that have been implemented by the University. If you need to review the policy, you can visit the website for the Office of Community Standards.