Choose effective assessment methods
Multiple choice exams are easy to create and administer online, but they are not the most comprehensive nor effective method of assessment. Closed book exams are difficult to administer online as well because your students are in several locations and take the test at different times. 

Essay questions, projects, and portfolios require students to demonstrate their knowledge and ability through the practical application of the skills they have gained in your class. Your students can gain real-world experience putting their new knowledge to the test by creating projects and assembling portfolios while written responses to questions allow them to express themselves in their own words.

Communicate grades throughout the term
Many online learning systems, like Moodle, come with grade book applications. If you are using correspondence or a personal website to teach a course, consider using a web-based application like WOU's Google Docs to share grades and feedback with students. It's important to update students on their progress in your courses and provide prompt, helpful feedback on their assignments.

Use rubrics, guidelines, and examples
Providing examples of completed projects can help your students understand what is expected of them. Make rubrics or grading guidelines available when assigning projects and papers so your students know where to start. This also helps you explain their grades later if they have questions.