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Getting StaRted in R

Time: 10:30 - 11:15
Day: Friday April 11
Location: ENB 109


Why learn R? Fast Company has an excellent article on the rise of R in science and data analytics.

With over 2 million users, R is one of the most popular data science programming languages available today. Incidentally, the highest-paying IT skill on the market today is R programming.

As far as programming languages go, R is a bit quirky but the vibrant community and undeniable utility of the language and the packages available make R a highly productive and fun language.

This session will help you get started in R. We'll set up a working environment, talk about basic programming concepts in R and discuss some of the key resources to turn to and pitfalls to avoid. My goal is to motivate new users of R to understand the resources and language enough to get started on their own projects and to know where to go when they get stuck.

This session will focus on the "getting started" phase. In the next session, we'll actually put these skills to use on a small data science project.

Sidenote: This session may also be good for R users who have only ever used R in the standard R console that ships with the default installation. I plan to talk demonstrate an excellent and comfortable R setup that rivals Matlab or any other programming language and IDE combination.

What do you need?

Bring your laptop if you want to follow along. A link will be posted here with the example code that we will use in the session.

To follow along, you'll need to have the following software installed:


Garrick Aden-Buie is a doctoral student in the Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering at the University of South Florida. His interests include dynamic systems, optimization and writing pretty code in R and Julia. He received his B.S. in Applied Mathematics and B.A. in Spanish from Lehigh University, and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

Catch up with his latest projects and thoughts at garrickadenbuie.com or on Twitter at @grrrck.
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