Welcome to Juan D. Castro's USF Research/Teaching Homepage

Juan D. Castro, Ph.D.
RF/Microwave Engineer | Researcher 
University of South Florida, College of Engineering,
Electrical Engineering Department, 
4202 E.Fowler Avenue, ENB 118, Tampa, FL. 33620
Cell. (813)-748-9408

Senior Electronics Engineer at [Cummins, Inc.]
Wireless Hardware/Telematics Architecture - Advanced Development, Cummins Electronics, Indianapolis, IN. (June 2017-Current).

RF/Microwave Engineer at [Cummins, Inc.]
-RF/Microwave Engineer and Antenna Modeler at the EPLE ECM hardware department. 
Project: "High-Performance Computing (HPC) EM Simulations of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) of Installed Antennas in Complex Environments with ANSYS  HFSS 17.2". Indianapolis, IN. (Summer 2016 Internship).

Research Appointments at [USF]
Ph.D. Researcher, Center for Wireless and Microwave Information Systems (WAMI Center), University of South Florida, electrical engineering department, Tampa, FL. (fall 2012-July 2017).

Teaching Appointments (Graduate Level) 
at [USF]
EEL 6935- (3cr.hr) (Advanced Integrated Circuit Technology), (spring 2014 / spring 2015 /  spring 2016).
EEL 5356- (3cr.hr) (Integrated Circuit Technology), (fall 2014 / fall 2015).
EEL 4423L/ EEL 5936- (3cr.hr) (Wireless Circuits & Systems Design laboratory), (spring 2013).

RF-MEMs Transducers Laboratory Address:

USF Research Park,

3702 Spectrum Blvd. Lab. 215A, 

Tampa FL. 33612.



This is Juan Castro's Teaching Portfolio at the University of South Florida.