Module 4- Podcast:


It was a great experience for me to learn how to create and upload a podcast.  I think this is another definite possible assignment I could be given as a future librarian.  I shared the assignment with my school’s librarian and he showed interest in learning how to create audio files as well.  The process of recording the audio was fairly simple, however uploading it to the Google site was a challenge.  Part of the reason was my own mistake; I used my husband’s desktop computer with a different version of Windows and had trouble simply finding the file.  Once I located it, it was very confusing to use the LAME encoder to change format.  I felt I was reaching my tech intelligence limits here.  I thought I was doing well for myself through the first three modules but this assignment proved me wrong.  I think it was a combination of my confusion with the encoder software and using the Google site.  I am embarrassed to say this but it took me a long frustrating Sunday afternoon just to upload my file correctly.  Again, this is not a reflection of the programs necessarily but a realization that I would need to spend more time learning how to transfer formats and upload files.