About Me

   "If I could know me, I could know the universe." - Shirley MacLaine

    I am originally from Sudan, Africa and lived there for 2 years before my family moved to Columbus, Ohio. We spent a year there followed by a year in Chicago, Illinois. Because my mother wasn't fond of the cold, we abandoned the north and moved all the way to the Caribbean to an island called Dominica. We spent 4 years there before we again packed our things and migrated to California. After 6 years of living in various cities in California,
we relocated to Bradenton, FL which is where we continue live now. We often try to visit our family in Sudan every couple of years and those visits keep us mindful of where we came from and rooted to our heritage.

In my spare time I enjoy volunteering, reading, singing, and
random dancing. My reading tastes varies and usually depends on whatever catches my eye but I'm partial to bestsellers because they're usually the first thing I see. It is my goal when I'm older to have a room full of just books and a comfy seats where I'm able to sit back and relax. Singing has always been a method of relieving stress for me so in the midst of a hectic week, you can always hear me cranking up the music and belting out some lyrics. Dancing is something I picked up recently and enjoy doing anywhere, anytime. I took some dance classes here at USF and found them to be a great break from the mundane dance-free routines of real classes. As you can see, I hate being bored so I always try to find something to occupy my time whether its going to watch plays, relaxing at the bookstore, going to club meetings or spending time with friends and family.

    After I graduate this May, I will be attending medical school, however, I have not yet decided whether I want to be a Miami Hurricane or continue as a USF Bull. I want to specialize in infectious disease in the hopes that I can travel and work in developing countries such as those in Africa and South America. It has always been my passion to be a doctor and I am grateful beyond words for the opportunities I've been given!