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Wesleyan Philosophical Society
Pentecostal Theological Seminary, Cleveland TN
Thursday, March 8, 2018

Annual meeting registration and lodging information is below. Please note that things are a bit different this year due to coordination with other academic societies.  You will register for the WPS meeting on one link (using our sister organization site, the WTS, and their registration store) and for any meals on another link (the SPS Registration store, with whom the WPS and WTS are coordinating this year).  Note that registration at the WPS is required to present papers, but many of our members stay on to attend the WTS and other meetings from other academic societies.  Thus, register for the WPS, and optionally for other meetings happening in the following days.  

Link to the WTS Store to register for the WPS, et. al. 2018 meetings:

Required WPS area looks like this:

WPS area

Link to the SPS site to order any meals for the 2018 meetings:

Lodging and Accommodation information is found under "Travel/Hotel" on this site.