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Conf. Schedule

WPS 2020

“Environmental Justice: Creation Care, Stewardship, and Sustainability”

Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO

Thursday, March 5, 2020

WPS 2020: Environmental Justice: Creation Care, Sustainability, and Stewardship

8:30-8:50am - Welcome and VP Address – Audra Goodnight


9-10:30am – Keynote Address – Dr. Barbara Wall, PhD (Villanova University)


10:30-10:40 – Break


10:45-12:15pm – Session 1


·         Session 1A (304) - Moderator: John Brittingham

o   Christianity and Capitalism – Kent Dunnington and Ben Wayman

o    Ecological Outlaws: Developing Outlaw Emotions in the Service of Creation Care – David Justice

o   The Emergence of a Chastened Papal Anthropocentrism: Practical Implications – Mark Graham


·         Session 1B - Moderator: Audra Goodnight

o   Ecological Disasters: Climate Change, Critical Flops, and Secularized Eschatology – Philip


o   The Implications of the Industrial Revolution on John Wesley’s Theology: Insights from

Constructive Post-modernism –  Lloyd Doyle

o   Denying Climate Change: Rethinking Wesleyan Epistemology for the Good of Creation –

Christopher Willard


·         Session 1C - Moderator: Kate Donaldson

o   In Us God Trusts: Stewardship and Divine Faith – Wm. Curtis Holtzen


o   Five Philosophical Beliefs for an Ecological Revolution – Thomas Oord


o   Intuition on the Path to Virtue: John Muir, Sacred Value, and Environmental Justice –

Russell Powell






12:15-1:45pm – Lunch

            Officer Meeting




1:45-3:15pm – Session 2


·         Session 2A - Moderator: David Justice

o   Disaster Transport: Climate Migration and the Transformation of Refugee Status – John Brittingham

o   Taking Care of Creation because It’s Worth It – Josh Shrader-Perry


·         Session 2B - Moderator: Audra Goodnight

o   Bent on Destruction: Nietzsche and the Anthropocene – Heather Ross   

o   Fearfully Made: Maternality, Sensibility and the Material World – Eric Severson


·         Session 2C - Moderator: Tom Oord

o   Creation Care as an Embodiment of Love – Katie Donaldson

o   Little Things with Great Love – L. Michaels

o   Relational Holiness and Creation Care – Devon Staples



·         Session 2D (306) - Moderator:   Kent Dunnington


o   Multifaith Engagement as Tikkun Olam – Janel Apps Ramsey


o   [ cancellation of #2 ]



3:150-3:30pm - Break

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