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Call for Papers

Call for Papers

2020 Meeting of the

Wesleyan Philosophical Society

Environmental Justice: Creation Care, Sustainability, and Stewardship


Location: Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO

Conference Date: March 5, 2020

Proposals Due Date:  October 1st, 2019 


Keynote Speaker:  Speaker: Dr. Barbara Wall, Ph.D. [ bio ]

Conference Theme:

“Salvation means creation healed” (H. Snyder, 2011). Creation needs healing from the disease of sin. Creation groans with the pains of degradation caused by pollution, waste, deforestation, and over-consumption. The vicious cycle of death and destruction created by mindless consumption of natural resources is creating a serious problem that requires immediate attention. It is imperative, therefore, to work towards the healing and restoration of creation by becoming in tune with the cycles of life and creation through creation care. To trade the vicious cycles and predation with virtuous cycles of stewardship. Indeed, the economy of salvation includes all of creation, human beings along with the earth and all within it. The focus of our conference will be environmental ethics. As Christians, how do we practice creation care that takes seriously the salvation that Christ gives to all the world? How do we work toward the flourishing of creation? What does the gospel say about our role as stewards of the created world? The environmental situation we face is vast in its scope. Its effects touch the poor and the marginalized communities in particularly harmful ways. Environmental ethics is an issue of justice. What do we owe to others such that our actions reflect just consideration of their needs? For this conference, we welcome paper topics that touch on philosophical approaches to environmental ethics. Possible topics include the following:

  • Ethics of sustainability
  • Justice and the Environment
  • Ecology of sin and salvation for a healed creation
  • Virtuous living in a consumer driven world
  • The virtues of acknowledged ecological dependence
  • A Christian response to climate change
  • Practical Christian responses for living sustainably
  • The role of community for sustainable living
  • A Wesleyan response to Laudato Si
  • The ethic of gift as a framework for creation care
  • Environmental impact at the margins of society
  • Minimalist living from a Christian framework
  • Politics and Global warming

We will also consider submissions on any philosophical issue, with priority given to those dealing with the selected theme. Please submit proposals of 250-500 words using the official online submission form.  Authors may submit only one proposal. Each proposal will undergo a quantitatively ranked, double-blind peer review process.  Please check the WPS website updates for hotel and meeting site information at: http://wps.snu.edu.


WPS Undergraduate Essay Contest

The Wesleyan Philosophical Society is excited to announce the continuation of the Outstanding Undergraduate Essay Award.   Three undergraduate students will receive this award, and each will be invited to present their work at the WPS conference. Each award winner will be given a $300 stipend, to help reimburse for for travel, lodging, and food expenses (conference registration is the student’s responsibility). Students should submit their papers for award consideration by Oct. 1st.  Undergraduate students should a) use the official online submission form; b) send their full paper to the review coordinator (brint@snu.edu); and c) include within that paper a brief endorsement from a faculty scholar (e.g., their professor).