Why Are We Learning Technology Instead of Content?

Well, you are learning both. Technology is so integrated into your education, it's very difficult to separate the two. I've been teaching with technology long enough that it is simply a part of my class. 

In this class we are going to use a lot of technology. As a teacher of college students, I expect you to become an 
independent learner. My strong desire is for you to begin to enjoy learning something new, simply for the sheer enjoyment of knowing how to do something. However, I'm not going to toss you into the deep end of the pool without any kind of life preserver. 

To that end, we are going to build a resource for you on this webpage. You will create short presentations/videos about how to use tools about which you already have knowledge (or will learn shortly) and that information will be kept here as a repository for your reference until the end of the semester. 

Please do not feel as though you can only use this site for this class. If you need one of your peers to learn how to do something in another class so you can collaborate on a project, feel free to point them to this site. We'll build as we go. I'll do a little editing on the site as well. 

Remember, use best practices as you create. If you use ideas or artifacts from someone else, please be sure to give credit to the creator. Additionally, we aren't trying to make our site look like something from 1995. Let's stick with a normal 12 pt font and avoid goofy looking fonts, too.