*Survey of Mass Media

Survey of Mass Media is a course designed to introduce you to the many facets of the mass communication field as it is known today. There are three major course goals: (1) to give you a background in mass communication theory, (2) to trace the historical development of U.S. mass media, and (3) to examine current trends and issues in the mass communication field.


MCOM 2323-1 (online) Survey of Mass Media
Media/Impact: An Intro. to Mass Media by Shirley Biagi, 11th edition (used 9th & 10th editions may be used, too)
ISBN 978-1-133-31138-6

Intended Outcomes:

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  1. Discuss the pervasive impact that the mass media has on our lives.
  2. Compare and contrast the characteristics of mass communication with the characteristics of other types of communication.
  3. Master the terminology associated with the field of mass communication.
  4. Outline the major events in the development of eight mass media: newspapers, magazines, books, radio, recordings, television, movies and the Internet.
  5. Understand who owns and controls the mass media industries.
  6. Explain the roles of advertising, public relations and news/information in the media business.
  7. Debate the impact of the media on social issues such as children’s behavior, violence, cultural values and gender roles.
  8. Analyze ethical issues that often are a part of mass media decision-making