*Introduction to Literature

Introduction to Literature

English 2413

Course Overview:

Introduction to Literature is a General Education Core course designed to initiate students into the processes of

  • critically reading and viewing written & visual texts (fiction and non-fiction)
  • carefully analyzing and evaluating literature within the context of ethnic, cultural, and personal identity
  • intentionally focusing on global literature
As a part of this course, you will meet the following SNU General Education Learning Outcome that states SNU students

…have the ability to evaluate artistic expressions, including the fine arts, music, drama, literature, media, and human movement (i.e., dance, sports), through the use of political, sociological, anthropological and aesthetic theories. (Aesthetic Analysis)

Course Materials:

All readings are linked to our Moodle course. So, you won't need to buy any books. 

You will need to have access to the film The Kite RunnerIt is widely available on Redbox, through rental stores, Netflix as well as cheap to buy used. Be sure you plan ahead and get this for Week 5.

Special thanks to Dr John Lye and Dr Barry Laga for granting us permission to rely upon their sites for much of our theoretical information.

Overview of Course Assignments:

Specific instructions are found on the link for each activity and/or the Weekly Assignment sheet. All assignments are graded on quality of composition and thought. Points are not assigned for completion. Due dates are listed on course page for all assignments. Dates are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday before midnight- by 11:59. There are a few Saturdays so please pay attention.

Forums/Glossaries/Weekly Journals

These are activities completed individually and then commented upon by your classmates. Points possible range from 10-40 points depending upon length and assignment requirements.The exceptions are the weekly journals. In these journals, you will reflect upon the course itself, the process of learning and engaging with this material as well as reflecting on the material. These are worth up to 10 points.

Extra points are always an instructor option for conversation engagement. I want to see you all discussing ideas back and forth, and I may be willing to use points to reward and encourage that. However, this is completely at my discretion. 

Forums: I will sometimes weigh in during the week but mostly I'll just be "lurking" as nothing shuts a conversation down quicker than the prof posting. So, know that I'm here reading even if you do not see me posting. Also, some of these forums may be set for groups. This means you won't have to read through all the posts to find what you want to respond to. MyCourses will randomly set up groups and you will just "converse" within that group.

Presentations/Projects/Writings: These assignments may be group or individual. While working on these you will be required to apply the material in a new way. These are not ever solely reflections. You will always be required to analyze, evaluate and synthesize. Be sure to read the material regarding an "A essay" in the syllabus. 

Film Literary Criticism: This presentation and essay are worth 25% of your grade. The course builds to your ability to analyze a piece of literature, in this case a literary film of your choice, from a particular perspective. Do not wait until the last minute to work on this. You should be making serious decisions about it by the end of Week 4. Be sure to read the requirements and the samples early on.

Extra Credit Opportunities: I don't normally give extra credit opportunities, but since we are online, I really wanted us to explore digital storytelling. As it didn't connect with the course, I decided to give you all the option of doing so on your own. 

There are two options which are each worth 50 points, and you may complete both, one or neither. Just be sure to do so by the due date. They are posted on weeks one and four. Read through the instructions and note the requirements and due dates. Once I have scored your submission, I will notify you where these points will be applied. However, these points will not apply to the Film Criticism category.