*Aesthetics - FA 1413

Course Overview

Aesthetics is a General Education "Foundations" course, which means that it provides an introduction to the skills of analysis, interpretation and evaluation, as they relate to creativity. This course will address visual art, music, literature (short stories), and contemporary culture, as we seek to understand the importance and influence of creativity in our world.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Primary Course Objective: that students completing the course have the ability to evaluate artistic expressions, including the fine arts, music, drama, literature, media, and human movement (i.e., dance, sports), through the use of political, sociological, anthropological and aesthetic theories. (Aesthetic Analysis)
  • Secondary Course Objective: that students can construct rational arguments based on solid evidence acquired from appropriate sources and through the use of the best available methods and can communicate those arguments clearly and concisely using sound rhetorical strategies in both speech and writing. (Effective Communication)

Required Textbook

No textbook is required for this class.