*Composition 1 - ENGL 1113

Course Overview

Composition I will introduce you to various kinds of writing tasks that you will encounter as a university student. You will learn writing strategies for various situations and audiences, and you will be given opportunities to practice and develop techniques for inventing, drafting, revising and editing your writing.

This class is all about improving your writing skills related to organization, content, idea development, grammatical mechanics, writing style and format integration.

Course Textbook

Easy Writer: A Pocket Reference with 2009 MLA & 2010 APA Update. 4th edition, Lunsford (Note:  This book will be useful for the rest of your academic career!)

Intended Outcomes

As a part of this course, you will meet the following SNU General Education Learning Outcome that states “SNU students”

…can construct rational arguments based on solid evidence acquired from appropriate sources and through the use of the best available methods and can communicate those arguments clearly and concisely using sound rhetorical strategies in both speech and writing. (Effective Communication)

Course Ground Rules

  • Participation is required.
  • Learner is expected to communicate with other students in discussion threads.
  • Learn to navigate in MyCourses. See Moodle Student Resources page linked on the right side of each course page.
  • Keep abreast of course announcements.
  • Use the assigned university email address as opposed to a personal email address. You may choose to forward your university address to your personal address.
  • Address technical problems immediately
  • Observe online etiquette at all times.
  • Work is expected to be submitted by the due date. See Late Work Policy. (NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, assignments are due before midnight on the day posted on the assignment.)

Overview of Course Assignments, Objectives, Activities, Points:

Major Writing Assignments- 60% of grade




Establish a writing baseline upon entry into course.

Writing Sample


Compare or contrast two items.



Summarize a text.



Compose a summary and construct a response to a text.

Summary & Response


Write a well-organized essay integrating multiple sources supporting an idea.

Research Essay


Other Class Activities - 40% of grade



Reflect upon learning progress.

Weekly Journals (6 total)

Link to Journal Rubric

To compose responses and work collaboratively.

Weekly Forums

Link to Forum Rubric

To compose and work collaboratively.

GoogleDoc Group Activities

To practice and improve writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising and editing).

PreWriting and Revising Activities

To build skills ensuring academic integrity.

Avoiding Plagiarism Assignments

To practice grammar and mechanics.

Easy Writer Grammar Work

Remember, this course uses weighted grading. Even though Major Writing Assignments may have less points available, it actually contributes more to your total grade. The gradebook will be kept current so you are always aware of where you stand. 


If you need assistance with a learning, physical or psychological disability that may affect your academic progress, you are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Director at (405)491-6694 (M-F 8:00-5:00). All students with disabilities are encouraged to seek assistance.