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Science & Technology

SNU students... can evaluate developments in science, technology and health on the basis of elementary
principles, good scientific practices, and the proper interpretation of mathematical models
and statistics.

YouTube Video

    During this assignment we were asked to find a video ad to evaluate. We found a video advertisement and then created a survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the video. After we received the results we formed graphs of the results and then compiled them into a report. We had to use g-mail for the survey and then afterward to graph our results. The results came to us in the form of a spreadsheet.

    This assignment helped me understand how to take various results and compile them to make them organized and easy to decipher. It was tricky to do since we were required to have at least one open ended question on our survey form. We also had to evaluate the results and come up with a report. It reminded me of a science fair project. You do an experiment (the survey) and then you take the data results and create a conclusion from them. It was the same way with this assignment.

Unknown user,
Apr 13, 2010, 7:45 AM