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Problem Solving

SNU students... can solve problems creatively by drawing upon appropriate principles, methods, and examples from a variety of disciplines, predict possible consequences (positive and negative) of a range of potential actions, evaluate possible solutions in an ethical framework, decide upon the best solution, and successfully plan and execute the chosen solution.

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    In the speech portion of Rhetoric II we were given a "puzzle." The handout had a list of prospective liver transplant recipients and we were the committee to decide where this liver would be going. All recipients had problems and reasons that they should be spared and given this chance.

    In order to come up with an answer we had to use the problem solving method and narrow down the choices. It was very difficult because you couldn't save everyone and they all seemed worthy of being given this organ. It took a while to argue and come to a decision but when we were down we were confident that our choice was a solid one. It really help us learn the problem solving method taught to us that day during class.

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May 11, 2010, 6:53 PM