My name is Gwendolyn Beardmore. I am a Graphic Design major, Equine Studies minor at Southern Nazarene University, Oklahoma (Go Crimson Tide!) I have endured the bipolar weather of Oklahoma for my whole life and I am a member of the First Church of the Nazarene in Shawnee, Oklahoma. God is the biggest part of my life and he is the one who led me to change my major from the very numerical and dull major that would have been Business to the colorful and exciting major that is Graphic Design. Horses are my next passion (no, I do not own any nor have I ever... my Christmas wish of receiving a pony has not yet come true) and that is what led me to SNU. They had an Equine program which few schools in Oklahoma (and none with in a feasible distance besides SNU from my hometown) have in their curriculum.

At this current moment I wish to pursue a career in publishing, preferably publishing materials that revolve around horses (books, magazines, posters, calenders, websites and so on and so forth.) Working for a horse association or something like it would be my ideal job. I would also consider doing freelance work along with a steady position.

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