Welcome to the home of the Oil City High School Graduation Project. Here you will find information regarding the various requirements that students are expected to complete throughout their four years of high school.

The current graduation project focuses on career interests in hopes that a student will leave Oil City High School with a clear understanding of what he or she wants to do after graduation.

On the pages to the left, you will find all the information you need for the graduation project including the various requirements and forms.

Students will be assigned two advisors to work with throughout his or her high school career. Advisors will track student progress as well as help answer any questions students may have. Students will meet weekly with advisors to discuss their progress on the graduation project as well as to review grades. These weekly meetings are an essential component to the graduation project. If a student is unable to attend these meetings because he or she is at Vo-Tech, the student should schedule an alternate time to meet with his or her advisors.

Students who enroll at Oil City Area High School will begin their senior project with the year they enroll. For example, if a new student enters as a sophomore, they will begin their project with the sophomore requirements. Any new student who enters as a senior will need to complete two eight-hour job shadows in addition to the paper and presentation.

If you have questions about the grad project, you should first talk to your advisors.  They will be able to answer most questions for you.  If they are unable to answer a question, you can submit a question here.  All replies to questions will be emailed.