Graduate Student Portfolio Requirement

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT for students entering FALL 2018 and after: The program will be transitioning to an electronic portfolio system called VIA instead of google sites.  Training sessions will be held mid semester to orient students.  

Please note that all current students who have started google sites will continue on that platform.     

Purpose: In accordance with ASHA Standards for Certificate of Clinical Competency, students will be required to participate in the formative assessment of their acquisition of knowledge and skills throughout their program of study. Documentation of this assessment process will be through the development of a graduate student portfolio.  The Portfolio will allow a student to document his/her increasing proficiency towards acquiring the competencies required for certification as a speech-language pathologist.  Additionally, the development of a portfolio provides the student with the opportunity to assess his/her academic and clinical education program on an ongoing basis.  It will be maintained and updated by the student throughout his/her program of study.   

Implementation:  The artifacts for the portfolio will be reviewed by the Graduate Program Director each semester during advisement sessions.  During these sessions, students will be required to present evidence that they are actively developing the portfolio as part of a formative assessment process. Students will be required to submit a draft of their portfolio to a faculty member of his/her choice for preliminary feedback one semester prior to graduation.  Students will be required to present the formal portfolio to their faculty examiners two weeks prior to their Oral Comprehensive Examination. A final  copy of the portfolio should be submitted to the Graduate Program Director upon completion of the Oral Comprehensive Examination.

Contents: The student is given some discretion in choosing the actual documentation for his/her portfolio as long as all the required elements are included.  Many of the artifacts should come from in-class projects and assignments from graduate level courses.  Students are strongly encouraged to include artifacts that link to their philosophy and areas of strength or interest.  Students completing a concentration (I-SPAN or DSP) are encouraged to include artifacts and evidence from this area of specialty throughout the portfolio.   Training will be held at the beginning of each semester.  

Directions for portfolios in google sites:

Video Tutorials:

How to create the portfolio:

Submitting your portfolio for comps:

Final submission (after comps):

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