Graduate Student Portfolio Requirement

Purpose: In accordance with ASHA Standards for Certificate of Clinical Competency, students are required to participate in the formative assessment of their acquisition of knowledge and skills throughout their program of study. One way to document this process is through completion of an electronic portfolio.  The portfolio includes documentation of the student ’s increasing proficiency towards acquiring the competencies required for certification and licensure as a speech-language pathologist. Additionally, the development of the portfolio provides the student with the opportunity to engage in ongoing assessment and self-reflection during the academic and clinical aspects of the graduate program.  It is expected that the student will begin to work on the portfolio during the first semester of study and continue to work on the portfolio throughout their program.

Portfolio Directions: 
  • Students entering prior to Fall 2018: Directions and Portfolio Requirements 
    • There have been no changes to your portfolio requirements or process.  The directions and portfolio artifacts have been reformatted within the student handbook, however, the content is exactly the same. 
  • Students entering Fall 2018 and after: Directions and Portfolio Requirements
    • All portfolios will now be created within the Moodle learning system.  To begin your portfolio, log into moodle and find the course titled "SLP GR Program Portfolio" on the dashboard.  To begin working on your portfolio,  click "Portfolio Access (Click here)". You are encouraged to work on your portfolio throughout your program as an ongoing self-assessment activity. Within the moodle course, there are also tutorials and guide sheets regarding how to navigate the portfolio system.

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