Welcome to Illinois College Archives,
IC Archives is open to students and faculty who wish to further their knowledge about the history of IC. This website was designed to help students and faculty learn more about the archives and how to navigate their way around. The IC Archives is located on the top level of Schewe Library in the blocked off area. To access the Archives, talk to Mike Westbrook, the Reference Librarian located on the main floor of Schewe. 
  • Under the "Looking for Something?" tab, you will find a map describing where specific books or collections are located in the archives. This will help you find what you are looking for easier. There are also terminology below the map to help you understand basic archival terms. 
  • The "Why the Mess?" tab explains what processing is and each step that has to be taken to preserve the artifacts in the archives. It also explains why they mess in the archives has taken so long to clean up.
  • The "Cool Stuff" tab shows the cool items that are in the archives. Each category has a subpage that takes you to the page that describes what each item is, along with pictures showing what they look like.     
  • The "Web Exhibits" tab has different links that will take you to two different projects that students of two history classes have been working on. The first link takes you to the "Gems of the Archives" page. Students of HI 398 chose an item from the archives that they thought was interesting and wrote a short narrative describing what their findings are all about. The "Illinois College in World War I" is the second link on the page. This will take you to a page that the HI 205 students worked on. They tell the personal stories of people who were students here at IC who served in World War I. 
  • Under the "About IC" tab, you will find the history of Illinois College and how it has managed to stay running for so many years.  
  • The "IC Time Capsule Project" tab talks about how this project is an on-going project to preserve, organize, and maintain more than 180 years of Illinois College history. 
  • The "Links" tab has different websites that can be viewed to give you a better idea of what archives are all about at different institutions, both at the state and national levels.