Illinois College in World War I, 1917-1918


The students of History 208 - U.S. History, 1914-1945, 
have created a site dedicated to our veterans of World War I. 

Joseph Peyton Chamberlain, Private in the 16th Calvary Band and former IC student

Many of the students at IC in 1917 discontinued their education to serve in the armed forces, 
and several risked their lives for our country. 

These photographs and documents tell their stories.
A Letter from President Rammelkamp on the War 

Beyond giving a history of Illinois College and the United States in general during the War, we have conducted individual research (through, old yearbooks, and the Illinois College archives) on many of the students that served. You can learn about the individuals on the Veteran Alumni page.

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Here we are, History 208, with a flag given to IC from the Treasury 
Department for its contributions to the Victory Liberty Loan Drive.

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Dr. Jenny Barker-Devine, Assistant Professor of History