FHSU College of Education

Taskstream and Tk20 have merged!   Click on the link below to find out more

Taskstream/Tk20 Merge "Press Release"

Official Taskstream/Tk20 Website

Taskstream/Tk20 is the College of Education's reporting and assessment system. The system allows the College of Education faculty to seamlessly monitor and report on the critical program-based assessments aligned with the accreditation standards.  The system also serves as a storehouse for student artifacts, including a portfolio system which will be accessible for students long after they graduate from FHSU. 

Students will be notified by the faculty if they are to submit an assignment into the Taskstream/Tk20 system.  The faculty will assess the assignments using the standards and rubrics created within the system.  Key field assessments such as the early field experiences, internships, and student teaching experiences will also be evaluated through Taskstrem/Tk20 by the cooperating teachers and university supervisors. 

Students, faculty, and staff can access Taskstream/Tk20 by logging in with their TigerTracks username and password.