Welcome to Composition(5) Class

This course intends to sharpen up students' essay writing skills which are problematic for many of the third-year university students. Moreover, it also hopes to build up some basic requirements to write a report/research paper. The important skills taught in this course include organizing the structure of the essays, responding to readings, paraphrasing, summarizing, and reporting. Students are required, on the one hand, to aim at producing well-written essays. On the other hand, they need to produce high quality of the writing contents for each essay based on the four criteria: unity, support, coherence, and sentence skills.


Course Objectives

  • To teach writing skills for academic purposes including writing a book review/report and developing a research topic 
  • Understand skills of writing research papers/business reports, and writing for employment including writing a cover letter, resume/CV, and autobiography.
  • Communicate results in written and oral form to classmates, and the instructor.
  • Being able to cooperate through groupworks.
  • Apply writing skills for higher education and job urposes. 



沈薇薇 副教授

研究專長:語言教學及策略、詞彙教與學、文化與語 言教學、 應用語言學