Oh...the Places We'll Go In Kindergarten!

Weekly Highlights in Kindergarten

Week of: January 2-6

Letter of the week: Dd

Word Family: -op

Number of the week: 18 eighteen

Week of: January 9-13

Letter of the week: Gg

Word Family: -ox

Number of the week: 19 nineteen

Week of: January 16-20

Letter of the week: Ff

Word Family: -og

Number of the week: 20 twenty

Week of: January 23-27

Letter of the week: Bb

Number of the week: 21 twenty one

Week of: January 30 - February 3

Letter of the week: Uu

Word Family: -un

Number of the week: 22 twenty two

Special Days in January:

4 --> Students Return

6 -->  Report cards go home

16 --> Martin Luther King Jr. Day: No School

19 -->  Data Date Night

25 -->  Munchies with Mom

25-27 -->  Bookfair

Monthly Birthdays 





January 6

January 3

January  21