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We are excited about the 2019-2020 school year!

What is the Fayette County and Oak Grove Elementary philosophy about gifted education?
All students should have the opportunity to develop their intellectual and artistic strengths and talents. Therefore, programs for the gifted and talented are an essential part of the curriculum of Fayette County Schools. 

What are the state-mandated Learning Targets for gifted education?
  • I can develop advanced research skills and methods in Enrichment.
  • I am practicing and developing my creative thinking skills and creative problem-solving skills each week in Enrichment.
  • I can develop and practice critical thinking and logical problem-solving skills each week in Enrichment.
  • I am practicing advanced communication skills when I share what I am learning each week, either written or orally with my class.
  • I come to Enrichment each week to gain a better understanding of myself and how my interactions may influence others.

What are the specific goals for Oak Grove Enrichment students?

  • To provide opportunities and learning experiences that will foster relevance, rigor, richness, and relationships in the 21st-century classroom.
  • To expand student vocabulary knowledge and usage.
  • To increase student responsibility.
  • To increase student awareness of current issues and the impact on their lives and the world.
  • To develop critical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills for independent lifelong learning.
  • To generate innovative ideas and products.
  • To develop communication skills.
  • To develop and increase student in-depth research and inquiry skills.
  • To increase student technology proficiency.
  • To develop attitudes that foster a positive self-concept, respect for others, and an awareness of one’s potential

How is the curriculum designed?
The curriculum is designed around grade level universal themes. All grade-level units reflect this theme. The first-grade theme is FOUNDATIONS, the second-grade theme is CHANGE, the third-grade theme is SYSTEMS, the fourth-grade theme is PERSPECTIVE, and the fifth-grade theme is INTERDEPENDENCE.

What is the weekly schedule for Enrichment?
1st Grade   Wednesday
2nd Grade – Tuesday
3rd Grade - Friday
4th Grade - Thursday
5th Grade -Monday

How does the Enrichment Program interface with the regular classroom?
Students have three days to complete missed assignments. Only 10% of the missed classwork should be required. The Enrichment teachers and the regular classroom teachers will work together for student success. Enrichment services are required for identified gifted students.

What is the policy for continuation in the Enrichment Program?
A student’s performance in gifted classes is reviewed at the end of each semester, earlier if difficulties become evident.  Continuation in the Gifted Program in Fayette County requires a student to meet criteria-specific performance requirements.  These requirements include satisfactory performance in classes for the gifted as evidenced by participation, completion of assignments, and the maintenance of an average of 85 or better in the gifted classroom.

If a student fails to meet either requirement of satisfactory participation in the gifted placement, a probationary period follows where the child remains in the gifted placement for the 18 week semester.  Failure to meet these performance requirements at the completion of the probationary period will result in the student’s being declared ineligible for gifted services for the entirety of the following 18-week semester.

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