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Friday May 19th is Field Day:  

Sunscreen (already on), hats, and water bottles a must!!!!

Monday May 20th is PBIS Celebration:

Ice Cream Celebration!  

Wednesday May 24 is 4th Grade Celebration:  

Sunscreen (already on), hats, and water bottles a must too.  

Money for Chic-Fil-A due 5/19/17 in order to secure a lunch.

$4.00 for fun is due 5/22/17.

Awards Day is May 25th:


We will let you know 5/22/17 if your son/daughter is getting an award.

Math (Dreambox Practice 15-20 minutes a day.)


Social Studies

Grammar / Writing

(1) Your child is responsible to read every night for 20-30 minutes fill out their reading log.

(2) They will need for you to sign their agenda nightly; this communicates with us that you were aware of their assignments.

(3) There is usually homework every night (except Fridays), so please discuss the importance of completing assignments with your child.