Math (Dream box Practice 15-20 minutes a day.)

We are in the swing of Unit 4.  Students will be working to be able to demonstrate drawing a model to represent a fraction, drawing equivalent fractions, using a number line to compare fractions, using multiplication to compare fractions, use symbols to compare fractions, add and subtract fractions, relating fractions and decimals, adding and subtracting problems of numbers up to 6-digits. 


We are finishing up our Ecosystems Unit and beginning our Weather Unit!

Social Studies

In Social Studies we are studying the Declaration of Independence 

Grammar / Writing

We are working on parts of speech Nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns


We are finishing up our first unit in ready gen and getting ready a final test

Helpful Links & Reminders
Device Registration

(1) Your child is responsible to read every night for 20-30 minutes fill out their reading log.

(2) They will need for you to sign their agenda nightly; this communicates with us that you were aware of their assignments.

(3) There is usually homework every night (except Fridays), so please discuss the importance of completing assignments with your child.