(Dreambox Practice 15-20 minutes a day.)

This week (February 27th) in math we will continue Unit 6.  This includes finding the area and perimeter, listing the multiples of a number, identify a number as prime or composite, listing the factor pairs of a number, identify lines rays and angles, classify triangles, as well as continuing fluency in addition and subtraction of four and five digit numbers as well as multiplication and division of  four-digit numbers.  A continuation of word problems that require multiplication and division will be explored as well.  Every activity is based on preparing student for the upcoming Georgia Milestones Test in April.  


Social Studies
We have just finished our unit on "The Slave Trade".  Student's final test was using their notes and creating a journal entry in the day a life of a slave. 

We are off to the Revolutionary War next. 

Grammar / Writing

In grammar we are going to begin using "Mentor Text Curriculum".  Where students use an awesome sentence out of a text to discover the parts of speech.  Schools around the district are raving about the conversations that students are having.

We are getting ready to start the chapter book, George Washington's Socks with some students. 
(For Reading Logs and "Show What You Know" Activities/Rubric--See Ms. Mattingly's Page)

We are in our Drama of study.  

Spelling --Mattingly only: 
truthfully, additional, beautifully, carefully, cheerfully, colorfully, meaningfully, effortlessly, endlessly, childishness, guiltlessly, joyfully, playfully, restfully, respectfully, usefully, powerfully, blissfully, boastfully, educational


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