World Literature and Composition

Sammi McCaskill
Ninth Grade Literature and Composition
World Literature and Composition
2018 Class Sponsor

Do NOT wait until the week of, or even the week before, to review and prepare for final exams!  Study nightly (beginning NOW if you haven't already) for fifteen to twenty minutes. It is no accident that I have left the notes and information from our various units here for the dedicated student to revisit.

Yes, it's sophomore year and the work is harder and you have more academic courses, but we can be successful together.  I have three things: the ability to teach you what you need to know to complete World Literature and Composition successfully, high expectations for what you should bring to our class and do during our time together, and an absolute conviction that you can do all that this course demands of you and more. 
You will have to trust that I have your best interests as a student and developing communicator at heart and that my passion stems from the belief that what we are doing is developing necessary life skills to break down fences and ceilings on your potential success as an adult.  Respect me and my classroom as your place to learn, grow and evolve.  I respect you as a growing communicator and an essential component to the unique chemistry that makes each class a new and rich experience for me as a teacher and life-long learner.  We have so much to learn and do together!

Come prepared every day with:
at least two dark blue or black pens 
at least one colored pen for corrections and notes for improvement
college-ruled paper
a sturdy 1"-1.5", three-ring binder
dividers (suggestion: warm-ups, vocabulary, other class notes, returned work, handouts/forms)
positive attitude
willingness to try new and/or challenging things
open mind
your best effort

Technology is not the answer to everything.  In fact, several studies have shown that taking notes with pen and paper, long-hand is far better and more effective than is typing notes.  Note that these comparative studies do not address the vastly inferior "short cut" of taking pictures with personal technology rather than writing what is asked of you.  Please respect the work I put into class, the advice of experts and your own responsibility in your education and just take the notes.  What is given to you easily and without effort can almost always be taken just as easily.
Taking Notes                APS Note-Taking Study                   Desirable Difficulty                    Why the Butterfly Died
 There are reasons why the adults in your life bug you about agendas, tidy backpacks, orderly notebooks, legibly written and labeled notes and time management.  It is not because rolled eyes and adolescent groaning thrill us.  It is because it really does help you throughout life if you develop the self-discipline to organize things in a systematic, reasonable way and follow that system even on hectic days.  In fact, you'll find solid organizational skills and discipline act as a vaccine against hectic days.