1:1 Handbook

1:1 Technology Initiative

In the winter of 2018, we distributed Chromebooks to our 2nd - 5th grade students for use at school and at home. In order to support a more personalized approach to learning, Fayette County Schools is providing devices to elementary, middle and high school students. Like a textbook, the device is a resource to support learning. Students with devices are required to follow the guidelines within this document, as well as all school, classroom, and School District policies and procedures regarding behavior and technology use. If you do not sign and return this form, a District device will not be issued to the student to take home. Students who are not assigned a personal device will have access to a school-owned device to be used only at school. We are NO LONGER a BYOT school, so if a student must bring a phone or device, it must stay on silent and remain in their bookbags during the school day.


Chromebooks are personal computers that use the Google Chrome OS and have an excellent battery life that can last for approximately 8 hours on one full charge. As a Google Apps for Education school district, our students have access to the full suite of Google tools, including Docs, Slides, Forms, Drawing and Maps. These tools will enhance the learning experience of our students through engagement, collaboration, ease of access, security and organization.

  • Enhance collaboration and engagement
  • Provide more opportunities for students to work at their own pace and level
  • Allow access to district software such as Blackboard, Dreambox, textbooks, etc...
  • Help student and teacher organization
  • Are more secure and require no antivirus software
  • Receiving and Returning
    • Parents and students must sign and return this agreement before a device can be issued. Students must also complete the digital citizenship curriculum that the school requires.
    • The use of devices provided by Fayette County Schools is not transferable to anyone and terminates when a student is no longer enrolled at the issuing school.
    • Students who transfer, withdraw, are expelled, or terminate enrollment at the school for any reason must return their device, case, and charger on the date of withdrawal/termination. A student who fails to return the device will be subject to paying up to the full replacement cost of the device and any accessories, and may also have report cards, progress reports, or transcripts withheld until restitution is made.

Device Use

    • All users of District-issued devices must follow the expectations outlined in District Policy and Operating Guidelines IFBG: Responsible Use of the Enterprise Network, JD: Student Discipline/Student Code of Conduct, and JS: Student Fines, Fees and Charges. Failure to follow these expectations will lead to applicable student disciplinary consequences. All District policies can be found at www.fcboe.org/Page/307 .
      • While off school grounds parents/guardians are solely responsible for monitoring the student's use of the device. Students may not exhibit inappropriate behaviors, or access prohibited materials with the device, at any time, at any location. Students will be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action if they use the device for inappropriate activities, whether on or off school grounds.
      • Chromebooks are for school-related use only and may not be used by family members. Violating this use may results in Chromebook being confiscated and used only on school premises.
      • Theft of the device in school must be reported immediately to administration. Theft of the device outside of school must be reported to the police and a copy of the written report must be provided to school administration.
      • Fayette County Schools has researched key applications which will be preinstalled on each device. Throughout the year, additional applications may be added to support learning. Purchasing and installing these applications is the responsibility of Fayette County Schools. Only authorized school officials may add or delete applications from a District-issued device. "Jailbreaking" and hacking of devices is not permitted.

@ school

      • Students are expected to bring fully charged Chromebooks to school every morning. Students may only use the Chromebook to which they are assigned. Never allow another person to use your Chromebook for any reason. You are responsible for any searching, browsing that occurs on your Chromebook.

@ home

      • Charge the Chromebook fully each night. One charger will be supplied for your Chromebook.
      • Store the Chromebook on a desk or table but never on the floor.
      • Protect the Chromebook from extreme heat / cold, food and drinks, small children, and pets.
      • Do not leave the Chromebook in a vehicle.
      • Do not carry the Chromebook by the screen, which can be damaged if pressure is applied.
      • Do not lean on the top of the device when closed or place objects on the device (including inside book bags) that place pressure on the screen.
      • Clean the device screen only with a dry soft cloth or anti-static cloth.
      • Accessories
      • Chromebooks come issued with a carrying case, identification label, and charging cord. All accessories are considered property of FCBOE and must be returned in good, working condition.
      • Students may not write or place stickers on Chromebook or the carrying case.
      • Parents are responsible for the replacement cost of lost, stolen, defaced or otherwise unusable carrying cases.
      • Carrying cases should not hold other objects (folders, books, other) to avoid placing excessive pressure and weight on the Chromebook screen.
      • Printing
      • Chromebook devices will not be configured to print at school or at home.

Always Learning

        • If a Chromebook is accidentally damaged, it will be replaced through the county warranty program called Always Learning. Each school will have a set of on-site check-out Chromebooks for students to use while waiting on the replacement. The warranty will cover warranty issues and accidental damage only.
        • Optional Insurance: Optional insurance is available for purchase through Worth Ave. Group. This will provide comprehensive coverage for Chromebook damage/theft/water damage with no deductible. It will be for the 2019-20 school year and summer until school begins in August of 2020. The cost for this year is $29. This covers the $300 Chromebook and the $20 Bubble Case. The enrollment deadline for Inman Elementary is September 3rd.
        • Chromebook Optional Insurance Flyer 19-20

Digital Citizenship

        • Students must abide by the FCBOE Acceptable Use Policy (Elementary) (Secondary) which is found within the FCBOE Student Code of Conduct at all times. Students are required to adhere to all Social Media Guidelines.
        • Common Sense Media provides wonderful resources for families. The resources linked here will better inform you and your child about technology usage.
        • All schools have access to digital content designed to teach digital literacy skills such as:
        • Never share your password. If you suspect that someone else knows your password, notify a teacher immediately.
        • Stay safe online. Never share your address, phone number, pictures or any other identifiable information while using this technology. Notify a parent or teacher immediately if you encounter material that is threatening, inappropriate, dangerous or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way.
        • Always log out of the Chromebook when not in use. This will prevent unauthorized access to your account information.
        • Only use a trusted Internet connection with your Chromebook. Never attempt to bypass school filters by using VPN’s or Proxy servers.
        • Never allow another person to use your Chromebook for any reason. You are responsible for any searching, browsing that occurs on your Chromebook.
        • Know that any activity on the Chromebook, including browser history, Email or files are subject to review


      • Applications: Due to a variety of situations that can arise from technology misuse such as cyberbullying, inappropriate content sharing, inappropriate content searching and research either on or off campus, school administration reserves the right to decide at any time to limit and/or revoke access to the Chromebook. Depending on the severity of an incident, school administration may completely revoke access to a Chromebook.
      • Photo Library and Media: Chromebooks are for school-related, educational purposes only. Only photos that are for an educational purpose should be saved to the device. Inappropriate media should not be on the Chromebook and may not be used as a screensaver or background photo. Presence of inappropriate media of any kind can result in disciplinary actions and may also result in a loss of Chromebook privileges.
      • Privacy: There is no expectation of privacy. Nothing done on District-issued devices is private including web and download history even in incognito mode. District staff may, at any point, confiscate and search the contents of any district-issued electronic device. Devices are enabled with GPS locating systems, and in the case of loss or theft, this system will be activated. The Fayette County School District recognizes all aspects of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Damage & Loss

      • If for any reason the device is lost, stolen or damaged during the time it is issued to the student, whether intentionally or due to negligence, the student and the student’s parent/guardian are responsible for the following fines during the 2019-20 school year:
      • Dell 3189 Chromebook
              • Accidental Damage
              • Accidental Damage and Warranty Covered for 3 years
      • *Full replacement cost for devices includes the device and case. (Chromebook = $280.00; Case = $20.00)
      • Theft:
      • If the device is stolen during the time that it is issued to the student, the student and the student’s parent/guardian will be responsible for filing a police report and submitting a copy to the school administration.
      • Failure to Return a Device or Accessories upon Withdrawal from the School:
      • Students who transfer, withdraw, are expelled, or terminate enrollment at the school for any reason must return their device on the date of withdrawal/termination. Parents and students who fail to return the device agree to pay for the full replacement cost of the device and any accessories, and further agree that the District may withhold report cards, diplomas, or certificates of progress until such payment is made.
      • A student who fails to return a device or any accessories without reporting them lost or stolen will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the items that were not returned.