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classroom 2.0
Teachers are using the new Web 2.0 tools to launch their classroom into the 21st century. Students are creating online content, collaborating with other students around the world and showcasing their work to a global audience. Web 2.0 facilitates professional networking. It provides authentic learning experiences for students, and it encourages global awareness, creativity, innovation, critical thinking and collaboration. The knowledge our students will gain from engaging with Web 2.0 technologies will foster the communication and information literacy skills that are required in the 21st century.The problem many teachers find is they are not shown how these tools can and are used in the classroom environment. They often say if they are shown how these tools could be integrated into their teaching they would be more than willing to use them. This where the disconnect occurs, they are shown neat Web 2.0 tools to use but are not shown how to integrate the technology into their curriculum. This site attempts to show some of the more popular Web 2.0 tools and presents ways they can be used in your classroom.  This is an ever-evolving site based on the rapid development of emerging technologies.I hope this helps you feel more comfortable and willing to use and try the tools, because if the teacher does not feel comfortable with the Web 2.0 tools they are less likely to use them in their instruction.  The great thing about Web 2.0 tools is they are easy to use. Really. And it's all free. Take some time to follow the links on the side, and you will soon be merging onto the information superhighway.