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The Braelinn Elementary Guidance Program is designed to provide all students with the opportunity to:
  • Reach their full academic potential.
  • Develop social skills that will help them get along with others.
  • Learn how to deal with difficult situations that occur in life.
  • Learn more about themselves and their interests.
Click on the various links on this page to find out more about what is offered by Braelinn's Guidance Program. 
Your School Counselor is:
                       Billie Anderson
    Braelinn is a fantastic school.  I have had the privilege of working at Braelinn since it opened in 1990.
    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the guidance program.  I am here to help your child have the best school experience he/she can while at Braelinn.
    I am also here to help families in any way that I can.  If your family has a special need such as medical assistance, family counseling, school supplies, etc., please let me know.  Fayette County has some wonderful resources that are available to all residents.