This site is one that shows who I am and why I write. It will be used to figure out the reasons behind my learning in hopes of expanding my education. This site is ME.
                   "Learn from yesterday, Live for today, hope for tomorrow "
                                                                 - unknown source
-These photos were taken from my recent trip to the UK. This trip changed my life, and taught me that I want to learn as much as I can about the world.               
About Me
Hi, my name is Anna Castillo. I grew up in San Leandro California, and I have spent my whole life in the presence of wonderful educators. Both of my parents are teachers and ever since I was little I was taught that education was the key to happiness. Reading and writing were and still are, so important in my house. Some of my earliest memories of reading and writing come from when my mother and I would sit on the couch, and she would read me stories. Stories that became my personal favorites like, "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish," By Doctor Seuss. My mom was addicted to poetry as well, so I would love when she would get out books of poetry like, "Where the Sidewalk ends," and read poems to me. Even though I was too little to understand a lot of what she read to me, I would soak it all up because the way she read was so mesmerizing to me. My father is, and always was, the kind of man who sat down every morning to read the paper with his cup of coffee. Since I was little, I always wanted to know what was so amazing about reading because it touched my parents’ lives in a way that I could not understand.