Success Maker

What is Success Maker?
Success Makers is a programme used to ensure our pupils who are capable of achieving a grade C or more in English and / or maths, fulfil their potential. As we all know, these two subjects in particular are vital requirements to any college course and most jobs, so securing them for our pupils is of utmost importance. Success Makers relies on the collaboration of subject staff, school Mentors, the pupil and his / her parents. The school plans to use email as the main form of communication to make home/school communication regular and consistent..

Firstly, our English and maths department will be running a series of additional ‘Success Maker’ classes after school. These classes will lead up to the exams, to fully prepare each identified pupil. The GCSE maths exams are in November, closely followed by the GCSE English exams in January. The extra input from staff at this time has shown a significant increase in grades achieved by pupils in past years. In other words, if your child attends these classes consistently, they will do better in their exams! Parents can find details of these classes on our school website. Please ensure your child knows when these classes are and if they are expected to attend.

Secondly, some of our pupils have been identified as needing to attend the Success Makers classes for both English and maths. Others have just one of these subjects to address, but may need more support in conforming to the requirements of the Programme or in their other GCSE subjects. These pupils therefore have been entered onto the second part of the Success Makers Programme. This involves pupils being assigned to a Staff Mentor. This relationship will be a supportive and structured one.

Pupils will be expected to meet regularly with their Mentor, to assess their academic well-being and set appropriate targets to ensure progression in their attainment. They will also be expected to attend the additional classes. Each pupil will have a personal Success Tracker, which will be accessible to them, their Mentor and their parents. This way, all meetings can be documented and shared between the people working towards this common goal – supporting the pupil to achieve their academic potential. Once the Mentor has met with the pupil and targets have been set, the personal Success Tracker will be emailed to the parent, so every meeting can be reinforced at home with targets being monitored. Parents can also email Mentors whenever necessary. The more informal style of an email allows for quick comments, ideas or information to be shared easily.

Remember we are here to help you 'be the best you can be'.  If you are finding things tough and need some extra support at KS4 please see your Tutor and Leader of Learning.

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