International Honor Society of the Two Year College

Alpha Chi Sigma

Scholarship, Leadership, Service & Fellowship
5- STAR Chapter

2013-2014 Alpha Chi Sigma Chapter Officer Team: From left to right, Dr. John Schulte, Advisor; Teresa Davis, 
VP of Scholarship; Helen Horne, VP of Service; Ashley Sherer, VP North Campus;  Georgina Kirstein, VP of Fellowship; 
Billy Koch, Chapter President; Zach Hahn, Exec. Asst. to the President; Jennifer Knight, VP of Leadership; Brett Carpenter, 
VP of Membership; Dorothy Squires, Public Relations
Not pictured:  Andrew Branham Dyer, Photographer. Tess Leeds, Secretary

Members and prospective members please bookmark this website and check it often. We have a list of meetings and events and a few pictures to give you an

idea of "what" we are all about! Feel free to attend one of our meetings (the schedule is located under the "Calendar" tab); we look forward

to seeing you there!

We always need volunteers for our many events. (see News & Announcements tab)

To be eligible to receive and invitation to join Phi Theta Kappa you must have the following qualifications:

  1. be working towards the 2 year associate degree
  2. have completed 12 hours in your program of study
  3. have a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher

If you meet those requirements, you should receive an invitation from the College President in mid-September and/or mid-March.

Once you join, you will receive an email from headquarters with your membership number.

The following is a message from headquarters with the process:

"We process new members every day at 11:30 am. Once the submissions are processed, it generally takes

48 to 72 hours for a member number to be generated and an email to be sent to the students with their log in information."

Meagan Holaday
Key Services
Phi Theta Kappa
1625 Eastover Drive
Jackson, MS 39211
p. 800-946-9995

If you have questions or don't receive your membership number in the time frame mentioned above,

you can contact Ms. Holaday and she will assist you.

Also, your pin and certificate are sent from headquarters.

To order Graduation Regalia you must do so online at Phi Theta Kappa Store

Phi Theta Kappa Website: https://www.ptk.org/

International Constitution: https://www.ptk.org/about/constitution

Chapter By-Laws: By-Laws

Carolinas Regional Website: Site is Down, Please check back later!

Cape Fear Community College: CFCC.edu

Alpha Chi Sigma Private Group: Open to Members and Prospective Members!

updated 01/31/14

Officers at Fall, 2013 graduation. They helped with selling flowers to raise money for our chapter. From left to right, Jennifer Knight, VP of Leadership; Dr. John Schulte, Advisor; Billy Koch, Chapter President; Ashley Sherer, VP North Campus; Karimah Bradley

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