jing sun
    Jing is free software available from TechSmith.  It allows you to capture an image of what is on your computer screen (screenshot) and record up to 5 minutes of onscreen video. 
    Capture what you see.
    Initiate a capture by clicking Jing's happy, always-ready "sun" icon...or pressing a hotkey of your choice. You can capture a window, pane, or region.

    Make a point.
    Need to emphasize or explain? Mark up your screenshot with a basic text box, arrow, highlight, or rectangle.

    Share instantly.
    Just tell Jing where to send the screenshot and—BAM!—it's there and ready to share. When you send to a destination like or Flickr, Jing even places a hyperlink on your clipboard.

    No need to wait.
    Simply paste (CTRL-V or Command-V) the link into an IM chat, email, forum post, Twitter, anywhere...and when the person clicks it they see your freshly-uploaded screenshot. Like magic.

    TutorialsWritten, video, and simulation tutorials for Jing Software.