Tell a beautiful story by uploading images and adding minimal text. Pick your song and Animoto does the rest! Make sure to register to an Educators account in order to create unlimited slideshows.

Empressr Create slides with intuitive easy to use interface.  Allows direct import of images from Flickr, Google, Yahoo and Photobucket. Manage a multimedia library of images, videos and audio.  Use your webcam and microphone to record directly into the presentation.

Google Presenter MS Power Point like tools and editing can download as pdf or ppt. extension.

Prezi non-linear way of creating a presentation. Easy to use. Make sure to sign up for the free educational license.

slideshare equivalent of a YouTube site for Power Point presentations. Upload your own or search for some great presentations already created by someone else.

Vcasmo ideal for displaying a recording a video of the presenter and the supplemental material beside it