Digital Storytelling

Animasher make your own animations with anything. Animate pictures.

Bitstrips is an online comic creator. Offers variety in panel selection, text bubbles, characters, props and scenes.

Dvolver make your own animated movie. Ridiculously easy, just a matter of selecting backgrounds, characters and text.

Go! Animate creates animated cartoons. Features: voice to text, background music, selection of characters or create your own, animation editing. Relatively easy to use.

Xtranormal allows you to make your own movies with 3D characters. Offers director-like settings and control of "camera" shot and character actions. You type it, they create it.

Voki create your own personalized speaking avatar.

Comics Sketch draw comics with your mouse or pen stylus. option to animate. stick man friendly.

ZooBurst write a story and make it an online 3D pop up book.

Toondoo is another online comic creator.

Bookr construct a photobook using Flickr images. Easy to use.