Equipment for Checkout

Items are available for checkout to CFCC Faculty & Staff only.  Some items may require a waiver.  
  • Dell laptops
  • Flipcams HD
  • Web-cams
  • Microphone and headsets for recording


A majority of the training and workshops are conducted in L 210, the Technology Training Center.  It is located in the Learning Resource Center. A smaller work space is located in L 220 directly beside the TV Studio. North Campus training locations vary. These areas are provided for:
  • 1:1 assistance and support
  • small group training 
  • collaborate on projects, course design, instructional technology
  • checkout of instructional technology equipment (see above)
  • quiet work space
Contact me or call ext. 7038 for further inquiry and scheduling.

Bethanne Tobey,
Jul 25, 2012, 8:07 AM