Art History what is it good for?

ART 108 is a 100% online art history course 

  • 16 weeks when offered in Spring or Fall (otherwise it is a very condensed 7 weeks schedule in the Summer....)  
  • See a past semester's syllabus here, a new one for the current semester will be shared 1 week prior to class' opening.

New to Online Course? Keep this in mind...

Online courses are notoriously practical for self-motivated students, but require a lot of hard work, dedication and organizational skills.
So are you ready?  Review the two videos below.

What is this course about?

It focuses on women visual artists "investigating their place in society as artists, patrons, and subjects in art. The course will introduce women from both European and non-European cultures, from pre-history to the present. All art will be discussed from both a critical and historical perspective, with regard to social context and formal visual elements." CCSF catalogue.  It is worth 3 transferable units to CSU/UC for Humanities and Arts requirements

In this course you will:

  • Sharpen your visual analysis skills
  • Interact with peers remotely 
  • Explore art created by female artists from the prehistory to now
  • Form a critical opinion about the challenges women artists face and the rewards they reap
  • Learn to look at art with a female centered perspective as oppose to the default "male" perspective
  • Become much more art and gender aware... :)

Please view these two short videos:


Click here to see the book you will require.

Click here for official course outline of record.

Looking forward to welcome you in my course soon  :)

  Now If you are a student who is currently registered in my class, here is how to access our class website..

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  • Your Canvas password is your RAM ID password.
  • Instructions for new students
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  • Once, in our canvas class website remember that any red text that is underlined is a LIVE clickable link.

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