Vic Fascio: Workshop Support

Example: A CCSF Google site home page (just one idea....)

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Department: Technology Learning Center

Schedule for Fall 2010:

 Nutrition 12
(Simple page)

 MW 9-12 
 Arts Ex 265
Biology ???
(Course page with Sub-pages)  
 MW 1-3:30 
 Science 7

Special Arrangements: Students who need academic accommodations should request them from the Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) located in the Rosenberg Library, Room 323 on the Ocean Campus. Telephone: 415-452-5481 (V) 415-452-5451 (TDD).

DSPS is the campus office responsible for verifying disability-related need for academic accommodations, assessing that need, and planning accommodations in cooperation with students and instructors as needed and
consistent with course requirements.

A Teacher's Home page

Can be very brief, with a few directions on using the site.
Or, if you are teaching only one course, an intro to the course (taken from your syllabus, perhaps).
A brief welcome, with a listing of the courses you are teaching and their basic info.
You can include a picture, and maybe some general information on your teaching style or policies - perhaps a section of a syllabus.
Then either:
  1. Just include the (clearly named) syllabus for each course as an attachment (quick and easy)
  2. Or use your course names as links to a page or series of pages on the course (more informative for students, but more work and more maintenance required)

Site examples

Recently added sites created with CCSF Google accounts>
  • Claudio Concin (Italian)
    Amazing what the right Theme can do for the look of a site. Of course having a good eye for the interaction of theme and uploaded pictures helps a lot. Scroll down to see the embedded YouTube videos.
  • Christine Wong-Mineta
    Site with essential information required from an online teacher: Gives students info on Orientations, the courses, textbooks, taking an online course, and the teacher herself. What students need to preview the experience of taking the courses.
  • Krista Hansen (Russian)
    Uses an announcement page gadget on the Home page to draw attention to course and local information.
  • Sara Peterson's Calculus course site
    Innovative home page consisting of two columns showing top announcements from two announcement pages.
  • Peggy LoPipero-Langmo
    A really mature site: Check it out to see what you can (eventually) do! But don't be intimidated....