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Why your mailbox fills up and what you can do about it

posted Aug 17, 2011, 11:57 AM by td.comm camias   [ updated Aug 17, 2011, 1:36 PM ]
I know - you only have 250 megabytes of space on our GroupWise servers. When you go over, your account gets locked so that you can't send or receive mail.

What takes up space?

  • Messages that you have received
  • Messages that you have sent
  • All messages in your GroupWise folders
  • All attachments (received or sent)


  1. Regularly delete messages in both your Mailbox (received messages) and your Sent Items folder
  2. Download attachments to your computer or flash drive and then delete the message (and its attachment) from your email. It's amazing how much space this saves.
Radical solution:
Get a CCSF Google mail (CCFmail) account - fill in this application form (also found on the MyCCSF page in the For Faculty and Staff column under Email).
Forward All mail from your GroupWise account to your Google account. Tell GroupWise to automatically delete mail from the GroupWise inbox so that it never fills up. Here's how.

Google Apps at CCSF:
With your CCSFmail account, you get access to CCSF-branded versions of:
Google Docs (upload or create online text, spreadsheets and Presentations so that they are available form any browser)
Google Calendar (Calendars that you can share with others or post on a web site)
Google Forms (a quick and pretty way of gathering information, setting up online, non-gradable, self-assessment quizzes)
Google sites (the recommended way of creating personal websites for faculty or staff)