Summer semester 2015 Online Business Law 1 course.

I would like to welcome all the students who have registered for the online Business Law 1 course. 

The Business Law 1 Insight page will be ready in about a week or so and I will try and  open it for all the registered students.  There are regulations governing this issue, and it is possible that I may not be able to open it before the first day of class.  In an event, I will send an email to all the registered students using the CCSF email that is on file with the course letting you know that the Insight page is ready.  You should also consider purchasing the textbook for the course either through the campus bookstore or through sellers of used books such as Amazon.com and Ebay.com.  The best book deals on Amazon.com will be snapped up very quickly, and the campus bookstore does run out of books from time to time.  

We are currently using the 11th edition of Essentials of Business Law and the Legal Environment, (ISBN: 9781133188636) Cengage Learning Publisher, but the 10th edition can also be used.    

There are three very important dates that all of you should keep in mind.

  1. June 15Orientation meeting--Required.  6 pm – 7:30 pm.  Cloud Hall room 111, Phelan campus.  This is the first of three required on-campus meetings for students in this course.  At this meeting, I will explain how I plan to teach this course and lead everyone through the Insight program so that you will know exactly how to access the teaching resources, submit homework assignments, participate in class discussions, and to communicate with other students.  If you can, please look over the syllabus and come to the meeting with your questions.  If you have a question and cannot wait for the orientation meeting, please send me an email.  My campus email address is: huchida@ccsf.edu
  2. July 9.  Mid-term examination--Required.  6 pm – 7 pm.  Cloud Hall room 111, Phelan campus.
  3. July 30. Final examination--Required.  6 pm – 7 pm.  Cloud Hall room 111, Phelan campus.

Adding this class.

This class is closed to new students at this time, but the number of students who are registered will fluctuate.  Between now and the start of the class, I estimate that as many as fifteen students may decide, for a number of reasons, not to continue with this class during the summer semester.  For this reason, if you wish to register for the class, it maybe useful for you to try from time to time. 

Optional class.

It is my practice to offer to the students the option of meeting with me once a week for an informal class where I can answer questions and to provide a study guide.  I will hold this class if five or more students indicate their willingness to participate.  The class will be held on Tuesday or Thursday evening at the Phelan campus.  The tentative time for the class is 6 pm.  If these classes are held, I will provide a summary of the things we discuss and will post the summaries on the Insight page. 

Cannot attend the orientation meeting.

If you cannot attend the orientation meeting, please read very carefully the welcome comments on the Insight page, the course syllabus,  Keys to Success, and the Frequently Asked Questions.  The last three resources are all located in the introductory section of the Insight page.  There is also a short quiz that all students are required to take during the first week, and the quiz will be based upon the information noted above.

Final comment.

BSL 1 is not an easy course.  Students who take this course during the summer semester will try and accomplish in six weeks, the same work students will have eighteen weeks to complete if they were taking this course during the spring or the fall semester.  Past surveys of students who took this course indicated that most required 8 - 12 hours of work per week to meet the course requirements.  Since we will have a third of the normal time during the summer semester, it is not unrealistic for you to expect to spend 24 - 36 hours per week in order to meet the course requirement.  This is a very difficult academic load, and you should think very seriously whether you have the time necessary to successfully complete this course during the summer semester. 

I am looking forward to seeing you at the orientation meeting and to work with you during the summer semester.


Richard Uchida