Welcome to Physics 4AL Online!

Physics 4AL is the first laboratory course in a calculus-based four semester sequence. Core topics include experiments in kinematics,
dynamics, energy, momentum, rotation, and oscillations. This course is r
equired of physics, chemistry, and engineering majors planning to transfer to the University of California, Berkeley, or into other engineering or physical science transfer programs.

Students taking the Physics 4AL online course are required to check out a lab kit from the library before the orientation. Please check your email for instructions.

There will be 3 mandatory face-to-face meetings. It is recommended that you bring a laptop to these meetings, if you have one. 

 Date Time Location Purpose
 Fri 08/30/19 1:00 - 2:00 PM SCIE 179 
       Fri 10/19/19                1:00 - 2:00 PM                SCIE 179Exam 1
 Tue 12/10/19     TBD SCIE 179 Exam 2