Kathleen Perry
Photography Department

Spring 2017 Classes begin January 17th

This spring there will be two sections of Photo 50B!

Photography 50B.  History and Aesthetics of Photography Since 1945

January 17 to May 20, 2017
This class will be available January 17th on Insight.  Look for an email in your CCSF mail account with log in information.
Please be sure to log in on Insight and complete the assignments asked of you by January 23rd, 2017 at 11:00 pm in order to avoid being dropped from the class!

This course examines various aspects of photography, including photographers, photographs, and technical innovations, within their historical, social and cultural contexts. Although students will study photography as it has been applied to journalism, science, fashion, advertising, et cetera, emphasis will be on photography as art.

Recommended Prerequisites: ESL 140 or placement in 150 or completion of concurrent enrollment in ENGL90.
Credit: 4.0 units.  Credit earned in Photo 50B is accepted for transfer to the State Universities AND the University of California.
Learning Outcomes:  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate a broad understanding of the history of photography from 1945 to the present.

2. Identify characteristics of works, movements, and chronological periods relevant to photography.

3. Identify important inventions and processes that contributed to the creation and evolution of photography.

4. Explain the connections between works of art and their social, cultural, philosophical, and historical contexts.

5. Analyze and discuss the ideas presented in the readings and lectures as part of the participation component of the course.

6. Synthesize information about works of art and convey it in written and oral form throughout the semester.

Textbooks for Photo 50B—Required

Photography:  A Cultural History (fourth edition)  by Mary Warner Marien
Criticizing Photographs (fifth edition) by Terry Barrett


Head Start
If you wish to get started on your reading early:  Begin with Terry Barrett's Criticizing Photographs, fifth edition, chapters 1-4.

Gallery Visit
Please make an appointment to visit Pier 24 before January 23rd.  Make a reservation at http://www.pier24.org/visit/index.php.  If you live out of the area, you can visit another gallery or museum with an exhibition of photography.

You can also visit a photography exhibit at a gallery.  No online galleries for the assignment.

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