Literacy B Assessment

Original Outline

City College of San Francisco     Course Outline of Record

Course Title:     ESL Literacy B

Course Number:     ESLN 3020


VI. B. Evaluation

1. Appropriate responses to learned simple questions and requests with some repetition (e.g. Sit here. Write your name)

2. Ability to participate in previously practiced simple conversations

3. Ability to copy from a list

4. Completion of a simple form with personal information


Proposed Outline

ESL Literacy B

VI. B. Evaluation

a.  Write letters, words, numbers, and sight words from teacher dictation.
b.  Respond non-verbally in appropriate ways to simple requests and commands.
c. Recognize and produce consonant, blend, vowel and digraph sounds.
d. Participate in previously practiced simple conversations.

2.  Reading:
a. Read letters, numbers, sight words, and read short words phonetically.
b. Match pictures to sight words.

3.  Writing:
a.  Write upper and lowercase letters and numbers 1-100.
b. Correctly copy personal information onto a form, and copy words from a list.
c.  Spell words from dictated letters.


Outlines at every level have been changed to the following organization:

VI. B. Evaluation (No change)
1. Listening/Speaking
2. Reading
3. Writing

Phonics/Phonemic awareness was added to reflect current teaching practices and the Major Learning Outcomes of the ESLN 3020 Literacy B Outline. (HS)

More specific tasks were added to each skill area.(HS).

As explained in the Literacy A Outline Notes, the Assessment Committee seeks to clarify what is being evaluated (learning outcomes) within each area of the four skills respectively, as well as to clarify how the tasks could be assessed.