Literacy A--Assessment

Original Outline

City College of San Francisco     Course Outline of Record

Course Title:     ESL Literacy A

Course Number:     ESLN 3010


VI. B. Evaluation

1. Daily teacher assessment of student’s ability to respond appropriately to daily greeting, oral classroom commands and leave-taking words and phrases

2. Read learned sight words and signs

3. Correctly write the alphabet and numbers 1-100

4. Correctly copy personal information from written material.


Proposed Outline

ESL Literacy A

VI. B. Evaluation


 a.  Write letters, words, numbers, and sight words from teacher dictation.

 b.  Respond appropriately to verbal commands (e.g. TPR) and simple requests.

 2.  Reading:

 a. Read letters, numbers, sight words and signs.

 b. Match pictures to sight words.

 3.  Writing:

 a.  Write upper and lowercase letters and numbers 1-100.

 b. Correctly copy personal information onto a form, and copy words from a list.

 c.  Spell words from dictated letters.



Outlines at every level have been changed to the following organization:
VI. B. Evaluation (No change)
1. Listening/Speaking
2. Reading
3. Writing

The stated learning goals, or Major Learning Outcomes, of ESLN 3010 Literacy A are:

A. Recognize a limited range of simple spoken isolated words, phrases and questions.
B. Use a few English words to express basic survival needs.
C. Recognize letters of the alphabet, numbers and some simple words.
D. Demonstrate ability to copy letters of the alphabet, numbers and isolated words and phrases.

The Assessment Committee proposes these outline changes under the new 1. Listening/Speaking, 2. Reading and 3. Writing format, and seeks to further clarify what (learning outcomes) is being evaluated, as well as clarify how the task could be assessed,
e.g. "write letters... from teacher dictation" or "correctly copy personal information onto a form..."