Beginning High 3 - Assessment

Original Outline

City College of San Francisco     Course Outline of Record

Course Title:     Beginning High 3    

Course Number:     ESLN 3300

IV. Course Objectives

VI. B. Evaluation 

    1. Appropriate responses to simple questions and request (e.g. personal information, multiple-step instructions)

    2. Identification of details in simple conversations and recordings

    3. Participation in previously practiced conversations incorporating some unfamiliar vocabulary (e.g. conduct 
student/classroom surveys to get specific information)

    4. Ability to speak about basic needs and routines with some errors in pronunciation and grammar

    5. Identification of general topics in simplified reading material and short authentic reading materials

    6. Postcard writing or other short note


Proposed Outline

IV.Major Learning Outcomes

 Beginning High 3

VI.B. Evaluation

1. Listening/Speaking

a. Identify details in a variety of listening tasks (e.g. conversations, public announcements)

b. Respond appropriately to simple questions and requests (e.g. personal information, multiple-step directions.)

c. Speak about basic needs, wants and routines (e.g. schedule a doctor’s appointment, ask for directions)

d. Participate appropriately in conversations incorporating some unfamiliar vocabulary (e.g. mingle activities)

2. Reading

a. Identify general topics in simplified reading material and short authentic reading materials (e.g. in a narrative, directions on a map)

b. Demonstrate detail comprehension of simple reading materials (e.g. answer 'wh' questions and 'yes/no' questions, find price and product information in ads, identify paycheck deductions, interpret a work schedule) 

3. Writing

a. Accurately fill out a form with personal information (e.g. student enrollment application, simple job application, medical questionnaire)

b. Write multiple sentences on a topic studied (e.g. my apartment or my family) using BH3 language structures and forms

c. Write a short letter or note (e.g. note to a teacher)

d. Write accurately from dictation. (e.g. words, sentences)

e. Write appropriate responses to questions.


Change "IV. Course Objectives" to "IV.Major Learning Outcomes"  This matches the course outline headings of other levels.  This is the only change proposed by this subcommittee which is outside of the Evaluation section

Proposed outlines at every level have been changed to the following organization:
VI. B. Evaluation (No change)
1. Listening/Speaking
2. Reading
3. Writing

Original Outline VI. B. Sections changed:
1. changed to 1. b - "instructions" changed to "directions"

2. changed to 1. a - examples added

3 changed to 1. d - participation not limited to previous practice, example changed from "conducting surveys" to "mingle activities" to broaden the types of activities.

4. changed to 1. c. - "wants" added, "some errors in pronunciation and grammar" deleted. Examples added

5. changed to 2. a - minor changes to give consistency.  examples added.
comprehension.  Examples added

6. changed to 3. c. - postcard writing deleted.  Examples added

Sections added:
2.b.  The subcommittee felt that understanding the general idea wasn't enough assessment at this level and that  a new section is needed that adds some detail reading

3.a. Filling out a form is a regular item for testing at this level and should be reflected in the course outline.

3.b.  Many language courses and books at this level require students to write multi-sentence compositions on a variety of topics, usually student-centered.  This will be assessed further at level 4.

3.d.  Required at lower levels so this gives consistency.

Required at lower levels so this gives consistency.