ESL Noncredit Curriculum Committee

Spring 2017 Meetings
Feb 3
March 10
April 14
May 12
Meetings at 3:00 in Mission 469

Members and the campuses that they represent:

Angela Blackwell, MIS
Neela Chatterjee, CNB
Marianne Etlinger OCE
Bozena Gilewska, CNB
Robert Griffiths, DTN

Anna-Lisa Helmy, OCE

Tom Kennedy, MIS
Paulina Mustazza, JAD
Daniel O'Connell, DTN
Gretchen Owens, JAD
Sally Winn, JAD

Tom Kennedy
Daniel O'Connell

Lisa Johnson,
--ESL Curriculum Resource Instructor

Terri Massin
--VESL Resource

Nadia Scholnick
--Assessment Resource
Greg Keech
--Dept Chair

NCCC Members can
 request access to this
 website by following
 these directions

Next Meeting Friday Apr 14, 2017 at Mission Center.
Working Agenda :
1. Progress reporting.  Should we remove absent students from PARS forms?  Problems with using promotion tests for SLO reports. (10 min)
2.Flex Day (4/20) overview of aggregate reports.  (10 min)
3. Tech survey update (5 min)
4. Statewide Academic Survey (10 min)
5. discussion of the process of outline revision, level 9? literacy? level 1?. (20 min)
6. group work focusing on level 9, literacy, level one (30-50 min)

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