ESL Noncredit Curriculum Committee

Spring 2017 Meetings
Feb 3
March 10
April 14
May 12
Meetings at 3:00 in Mission 469

Members and the campuses that they represent:

Angela Blackwell, MIS
Neela Chatterjee, CNB
Marianne Etlinger OCE
Bozena Gilewska, CNB
Robert Griffiths, DTN

Anna-Lisa Helmy, OCE

Tom Kennedy, MIS
Paulina Mustazza, JAD
Daniel O'Connell, DTN
Gretchen Owens, JAD
Sally Winn, JAD

Tom Kennedy
Daniel O'Connell

Lisa Johnson,
--ESL Curriculum Resource Instructor

Terri Massin
--VESL Resource

Nadia Scholnick
--Assessment Resource
Greg Keech
--Dept Chair

NCCC Members can
 request access to this
 website by following
 these directions

Next Meeting Friday May 12, 2017 at Mission Center.
Working Agenda :
1.  NCCC Membership moving forward, campus reps and at-large reps (10 min)
2.  SLO's- aggregate assessments and common assessments (30 min)
3.  CurricUNET training needs, e.g. how to find current outlines? (5 min)
4. Course outline revision notes: and variable hour outlines, progress and long-term revision plan (possibly by course type vs. level) (20 min)
5. How to move forward with literacy and level1 course outline revision. (30-50 min)

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