ESL Noncredit Curriculum Committee

Fall 2017 Meetings
Sept 8
Oct. 6
Nov. 17
Dec. 15

Meetings at 3:00 in Mission 469 (lab) and 454

Members and the campuses that they represent:

Angela Blackwell, MIS
Claudio Boyer, OCE
Neela Chatterjee, CNB
Ruth Crossman, MIS
Marianne Etlinger OCE
Bozena Gilewska, CNB
Karl Graham, CNB
Robert Griffiths, DTN
Deirdre Hallman, MIS
Fanny Law, CNB
Daniel O'Connell, DTN
Kelley O'Neil-Annis, CVC
Gretchen Owens, JAD
Audrey Wallace, CVC
Diane Wallis, CVC
Sally Winn, JAD

Sally Winn
Daniel O'Connell

Lisa Johnson,
--ESL Curriculum Resource Instructor
Greg Keech
--Dept Chair

NCCC Members can
 request access to this
 website by following
 these directions

Next Meeting Friday Oct 6, 2017 at Mission Center.
Working Agenda :

Approve minutes of last mtg. (5-10 mins.)

November Meeting Conflicts

Call Outlines: (15 min)

Outline Changes (Blue sheets) (10 min.)

Other issues: (30 min)

  • PSLOS - Program aggregate reports. How will the department deal with this? The program aggregate reports need to be completed within 18 months of program (certificate) revisions and most need to be revised now due to course outline deactivations, consolidations, etc. Lisa has started on the High Intermediate Focus Skills Certificate since that one is in review now and VOTP is a high priority.  FLEX (10/9) might be an opportunity to work on this but it's happening too soon.
  • A BIG ONE: Draft questions that relate to noncredit and that should appear on Curricunet Program/Course SLO Assessment. The SLO coordinators are taking submissions now. Lisa spoke out loudly at the Curriculum Committee meeting this week about how narrow one SLO assessment is, especially in an open entry/open exit mode. If it helps, here is a Google Form version hot off the presses!  
  • Noncredit Booklist - Lisa been gathering campus booklists. We need a volunteer to add the book publication dates (with the possibility of non-instructional compensation) to get started on a full revision and aligning across courses and campuses.
  • Dissemination of information about CDPD certificates to faculty and students.
  • More training requested for writing assessments (FLEX, 10.9?)
  • Progress reporting and keeping PARS current - how to reach all faculty (or how to get faculty to read CCSF email)

Special Guest Speaker! Curricunet Specialist: Dana Jae Lebrecque (45 min)

Deeper Dive (with Dana, Kim and Dora  -- CCSF CurricUNET's finest) into CurricUNET Curriculum Module

The session will be on Monday, October 9, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. in MUB 255.

This in-depth session will take you on a tour of the CurricUNET Curriculum Module to understand the stages of submitting COR updates/modifications and creating a new COR. We will look at CurricUNET tabs: Create Proposal, Navigate Courses, Launch Proposal, Review/Edit/Approve launched Proposals, and show how Originators and Chairs can keep an eye on the approval queue during the Tech Review process. You can attend with one of your courses to work on in this hands-on workshop or attend to learn the process of how to navigate the CurricUNET Curriculum Module.

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Oct 3, 2017, 10:47 PM